The Things Industries

Together with a team of professional developers we create the future of LoRaWAN. Pushing open standards and tools that help the LoRaWAN ecosystem build IoT applications.

Did you know Amsterdam is a really nice place to live and work?

What are the perks? 🚀

1. One workation every year 🏖

2. Free lunch 🥗

3. Ping pong table (Quake 3 during COVID-19) 🏓

4. Flexible working hours 🌍

5. Big customers 🏢

6. Strong DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) culture 👩‍💻

7. Lot's of responsibility ⚡️

8. Nice co-workers 🧑🏽‍💻

9. HQ is Amsterdam 🌎

10. A lot of open source work 🔧

Our product is made by developers for developers and we pride ourselves with developer-friendly APIs, UI and tools

We embrace open source because of transparency, community engagement, security and broader technology adoption.

We are ranked 5th largest open source organization of The Netherlands on Github.